Search Engine Optimization is Alive and Well

The case for search engine optimization is as strong as it ever was, it is just that as marketers we have to be getting better at it and add more extraneous parts to our online marketing repertoire.

We still have to be ever mindful of key words and keyword phrases, as well as providing excellent content that is relevant to what is being searched for. In fact the content has to be very focused upon supplying the information that an individual is actually looking for.

In addition to all of the SEO fundamentals that we know must be in the mix, the web page is becoming the final destination for other marketing techniques as well. It is the destination for Facebook and other social media venues, as the social media side of things give great information and interactions directly with potential customers.

Once customers buy into your Facebook page posts, it is just a matter of linking to your home page for even more detail about what the customer is looking for. The same idea would work for Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Please feel free to check out our Loveland SEO Facebook page and our Digital Epidemic yelp page and even a YouTube video.


It is now apparent that a desktop or laptop is not enough to promote your website, as it has been found that as much as 60 to 70 percent of all online searches are being conducted from mobile devices, such as iPads, smart phones and tablets. This being the case, it is incumbent upon those who work with SEO to be sure that our software permits our website to be seen on the mobile devices, and many still do not allow that extra visibility.

As is evident, the entire process is being woven together into one cord with many strands blending into a major effort. Yes it is still important to get back links, but now if they are not relevant to the topic of your website, you can actually be penalized.

It can be even more important to have traffic coming from as many different sources as possible, from Facebook, Twitter, other blogs and websites, as well as organic sources. People are looking for many things all day long and many of them are on the go at work, shopping, or just browsing around.

A good example is the story of the family who is out shopping on a Saturday morning and in late morning, they begin to get hungry, so they do a search from their smart phone for a family restaurant in the area, and bingo – they find you, as that is what you do. If you had not been set up to receive mobile searches, that would have been a customer that you would have missed out on.

We live in a world that is constantly changing and in the promotion department more and more is being done online. When a business can align the website with the social media and pull in customers from both areas, they are achieving a high percentage of a customer base in a certain area, and since much of that traffic is targeted efficiency factor goes way up and so do profits.